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The History of Ilmington - Updatings

05/09/2022 - Pam Turner has kindly sent the following update:

"Page 47 re. Archer family

I hope you don't mind me pointing it out but the information on the Archer family is slightly incorrect.  It is mentioned that a James Archer 1775 married a Sarah Jones (page 47) however James Archer 1773 son of James and Ann married a Hannah Oakley in Ilmington on 30/10/1797.  It was a John Archer that married Sarah Jones on 29/1/1799 in Ilmington.  I have recently been doing some family history research on the Oakley family that lived in Ilmington in the late 1700's and I feel fairly sure of my facts.  I have found your information very interesting on the history of Ilmington, it is an excellent site."

"I have got a list of all the children that James Archer and Hannah Oakley had, if that is of any help, they are:

  • Catharine 1799. Baptised at Immaculate Conception Chapel Foxcote

  • Anne 1802

  • Hannah 1804

  • Jane 1806

  • Alice 1808

  • William Thomas 1811 (Died 1841)

  • Sarah 1813

  • James 1815 (Died 1816?)

In the case of Catharine, Anne, Hannah, Jane and William Thomas, the records say they were born at Mickleton, Gloucs and Alice, Sarah and James at Ilmington

James died 1857, Hannah died 1864"

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