Green Tips

Some ideas on how to be more eco-friendly


Instead of supermarket shower spray try clear, distilled vinegar, diluted 50/50 with water, to spray the shower cubicle after every use. Then rinse it off. The vinegar keeps the mould at bay!

25 November 2020

Rake up leaves but leave a few piles for insects etc. to overwinter

23 December 2020

Use short cycles for washing clothes: Modern washing machines have an “Eco Wash” option you should take full advantage of.

20 January 2021

Put an old carrier bag in your pocket when out walking and collect any rubbish along the verges and paths. (Maybe take some hand sanitizer for when you've finished collecting)

17 February 2021

Save water; don’t wash the dishes! A dishwasher is more efficient if it’s full and loaded correctly!

17 March 2021

Buy a reusable coffee cup; very few coffee cups are recycled because of a thin layer of plastic inside.

14 April 2021

Producing a portion of beef emits 330 grams of carbon. Fish 40 grams. Vegetables only 14!

12 May 2021

Reduce your floral air miles by finding your local supplier through, a cooperative of local growers.

9 June 2021

Mother-in-laws tongue produces a lot of oxygen at night. Good for the bedroom.

7 July 2021

David Attenborough says: SAY NO TO PLASTIC - “Globally we currently produce 20,000 plastic bottles per second. There’s now a growing awareness of the kind of damage it can do.”

4 August 2021

Recycling do’s - Leave the lid on a plastic bottle. Plastic caps can be too small to make it through alone.

1 September 2021

David Attenborough says: STOP WASTE - “Stop waste of any kind,” pleads Attenborough. “Stop wasting power, stop wasting food, stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste, this is a precious world.”

29 September 2021

Shoppers at Tesco’s Stratford upon Avon store will now be able to bring back any soft plastic packaging for recycling. Eg. Crisp packets, cling film, bread bags, fruit and veg bags, sweet wrappers.

27 October 2021

In the Autumn collect leaves and make your own leaf mould, perfect to use as a mulch or soil improver. Collect up leaves, if possible mow them over (if you can’t do that, they will just take a little longer to decompose]. Either bring them together and leave in a pile, uncovered or place in black plastic bags(used ones would be fine), water the leaves, close bag and then puncture holes in the bag with a fork. Pile the bags up and leave for a year or 2, beautiful leaf mould will follow.

24 November 2021

Remember be green and use brown wrapping paper.

22 December 2021

As well as burning fossil fuels, car exhausts are highly toxic so switch of engines.

19 January 2022

Use a watering can instead of a hose when watering the garden

16 February 2022

Cover pans when cooking: this reduces the amount of energy that escapes from open pans.

16 March 2022

Line-dry or use a drying rack to dry your laundry - Tumble driers use large amounts of electricity.

13 April 2022

If you eat meat, reduce the number of meals containing meat you eat each week.

11 May 2022

Always look for sustainable, fair-trade, environmentally-friendly food, as this helps the economy.

8 June 2022

Skip the dryer whenever possible. That clean fresh air smell is unbeatable! (Or for those wet days, have an old fashioned Sheila Maid installed where the clothes are hung up out of the way.)

2 December 2020

Cover pans when cooking: Whenever you cook on the hob, always try to cover the pans – this reduces the amount of energy that escapes from open pans, plus the amount of time it takes to heat up food and boil water.

30 December 2020

Always look for sustainable, fair-trade, environmentally-friendly food, as this helps the economy.

27 January 2021

Books, CDs, DVDs, and more can be borrowed from libraries and friends. You can cut down on packaging and shipping by simply renting or borrowing something, and you can return the favour to your friends to get some proper social interaction going.

24 February 2021

Recycle plastic yogurt pots and fruit containers for growing on seedlings or make planting tubes out of newspaper.

24 March 2021

How did we store our food in the past before clingfilm? Bee-waxed food-wraps are sold in our shop.

21 April 2021

Degradable does not mean bio degradable, everything degrades eventually!

19 May 2021

Honeybees only fly to one type of flower when foraging. Plant in large clumps.

16 June 2021

David Attenborough says: TAKE A WALK IN THE WILD - “There is no wi-fi in the forest but I promise you will find a better connection. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.”

14 July 2021

David Attenborough says: RECONSIDER TRAVEL - “Dealing with global warming means that we have to stop waste, and if you travel for no reason whatsoever, that is a waste.

11 August 2021

David Attenborough says: ON YOUR BIKE - “If I can bicycle, I bicycle,” says Attenborough. He doesn’t own a car and has never passed his driving test.

8 September 2021

Recycling dont’s - Don’t throw away pots and tubs with the film still on. It can’t be recycled.

6 October 2021

Recycle your small bottle tops by bagging up and sending to LUSH the soap company. And its free! FREEPOST LUSH GREEN HUB

3 November 2021

Most flying is for tourism. We can’t always avoid flying but we need to fly much less.

1 December 2021

Buying fewer clothes is a good idea.

29 December 2021

Forget the car; take the bus! We have a daily service to Stratford, Shipston and Moreton in Marsh.

26 January 2022

Think, is your journey necessary? Can you combine it with another later?

23 February 2022

Wash your clothes at low temperatures: Much of the energy used is on heating the water

23 March 2022

Use short cycles for washing clothes: washing machines often have an “Eco Wash” option you should use.

20 April 2022

If you eat fish, choose sustainably-sourced species and fishing methods.

18 May 2022

Avoid bottled water. Use your own flask and tap water.

15 June 2022

Check that Christmas house plants are in peat free compost - peat bogs are great carbon sinks and need saving

9 December 2020

Unplug your charger when your phone, laptop or tablet is fully charged: Similarly, when your phone is fully charged, unplug the charger to conserve power.

6 January 2021

Charity shops provide a way to recycle any unwanted items, find second-hand stuff and, importantly, supports the charitable cause of your choice.

3 February 2021

Keep feeding the birds particularly in cold weather. They will reward you with song in the Spring.

3 March 2021

Choose veg without packaging: let’s show the supermarkets that there is no need for all the plastic wrapping.

31 March 2021

Go paperless! You can receive all your bills and letters by email. And remember: don’t print off documents unless it’s absolutely vital. Help the process by recycling any paper and card you no longer need.

28 April 2021

Use the village bus service when possible.

26 May 2021

David Attenborough says: RELEASE THE SPIDER - “Thank you to all those who catch and release spiders found in your home”. Spiders help maintain balance in the environment. Killing a spider means interrupting the natural food chain.

23 June 2021

David Attenborough says: WORK FROM HOME - Sir David hopes working from home becomes permanent after the coronavirus pandemic, which could mitigate climate change.

21 July 2021

Use the cardboard roll from finished loo rolls to store those tangled cables. Simply fold a cable neatly and push through the roll. Bingo!

18 August 2021

Recycling dont’s - Don’t recycle Pyrex dishes as they are heat treated and don’t melt at the same temperature as glass.

15 September 2021

David Attenborough says: PLANT A TREE - “Trees provide a home, shelter and food for wildlife, they also benefit us all. Planting a tree is one of the most positive actions we can all do.”

13 October 2021

Visit the Loop Reuse Station at Stratford’s Tesco store to buy products from leading brands in zero waste refillable packaging.

10 November 2021

Don’t buy bottled water; use refill stations.

8 December 2021

Severn Trent offer some water saving devices like low flow shower heads and will also subsidise water butts.

5 January 2022

Coat oven surfaces in a paste of water and baking soda and let it stand overnight, then scrub off.

2 February 2022

Have you got a bus timetable?

2 March 2022

Lower your thermostat: Reducing the temperature by even just one degree will reduce the amount of energy and money.

30 March 2022

Take short showers: don’t waste hot water by spending too long in the shower.

27 April 2022

Try and avoid fish contaminated with mercury - See Natural Resource Defence Council’s (NRDC) guide

25 May 2022

Buy cleaning products, shipped in minimal packaging, to refill their own reusable bottles from

22 June 2022

Window cleaning. Don't buy expensive glass cleaner simply fill a bowl with warm water, squirt in washing up liquid. Apply to window. Scrunch up newspaper into a ball and rub over the glass. Smear free cleaning!

16 December 2020

Boil only as much water as you require: Tea and coffee drinkers can help here! Be careful with those kettles.

13 January 2021

Keep the heat inside - In the winter, don't drain your sink / cook pots of hot water until they've gone cold

10 February 2021

If you haven’t got time to make cleaning products, you can make the switch to environmentally-friendly options instead such as Ecover that are biodegradable. Our local shop sells Ecover products.

10 March 2021

Replace teabags with loose tea; most teabags contain a film of plastic that will not degrade in our compost. Loose tea tastes better as well!

7 April 2021

Planning your meals ahead can make a big difference to not wasting food

5 May 2021

Put solar panels on your roof.

2 June 2021

David Attenborough says: REDUCE MEAT CONSUMPTION - He limits his consumption of red meat and seafood for the health of the planet.

30 June 2021

Peace lilies and ferns love high humidity so are especially good in bathrooms.

28 July 2021

Recycling do’s - Always check your council's recycling policy. Even if something looks recyclable, it may not be in your area.

25 August 2021

Recycling do’s - Try to remove sticky tape from cardboard boxes. It can’t be recycled.

22 September 2021

Recycling dont’s - Don’t put corks in your recycling although they can be used sometimes for compost.

20 October 2021

Talk about our climate problems to friends. See if you can contribute something together.

17 November 2021

Eat mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables.

15 December 2021

Only use peat free compost.

12 January 2022

Dont pollute the air needlessly. Share car journeys.

9 February 2022

Sharing is caring. Ask if anyone wants a lift with you.

9 March 2022

Unplug your charger and phone when they are fully charged:

6 April 2022

Boil only as much water as you require: Tea and coffee drinkers can help here!

4 May 2022

Avoid food with unnecessary packaging, as this leads to unnecessary rubbish for your bin.

1 June 2022